Fusion Join Rasta Gaming!

We are pleased to announce that the Fusion League of Legends team have joined the Rasta Gaming family. The team was created by RAWRitsAmiiez0r and two other former Infused Academy players who recently won the Intermediate bracket at the Insomnia 50 Lan. The current roster for the team is as follows;


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - AD Carry (Team Captain)

Pandachii - Support

Mtsonic - Mid Lane

Kirbytran - Top Lane

Jungle Yi - Jungler


We had a catch up with team captian of Fusion, RAWRitsAmiiez0r and asked her a few questions regarding her new team and their goals for next season.


Rasta Gaming - You won the intermediate bracket at i50, where are you hoping to place at i51 with your new lineup?


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - Im going to be hopeful and say i'd be happy if we got in the top 10, I'm hoping for top 5 though :)!


Rasta Gaming - Have you had to iron out any problems as of yet due to having a new lineup, or is everyone happy with how things are?


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - Everyone is very excited as soon as 3 of us won tickets for i51, everything followed from there and together we will go far. Every team has their problems but nothing that cant be solved.


Rasta Gaming - Rumour has it that your duo female bot lane is something for other teams to fear, why is this and what do you think is the reason why it works so well?


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - Haha well we connect really well and we help eachother out a lot. We still have to work on a few things but over all we work well together in general.


Rasta Gaming - What Lans / Leagues are you guys aiming on competing in next year (2014)?


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - Well we have Epic lan and i51 as far as Lan events go. For leagues we have a few ESL leagues to do.


Rasta Gaming - And finally, is there anything else you would like to add?


RAWRitsAmiiez0r - Thanks to Rasta Gaming for taking us on and thanks to WaWa for teaching me the ways of ADC!


We wish Fusion all the best and look forward to seeing the progress through Season 4.


  • Written by Sammo, Tue 17th Dec 2013 @ 4:10pm
    Welcome to the family. :D

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